What a gas

A Reuters report today fails miserably on two counts:

First, the title of the article, “Jewish settler, Palestinian killed on eve of summit”, equates the manner and situation surrounding the death of these two individuals. But further in the article, an Israeli army spokesman indicates that the Israeli fell victim to a senseless terrorist drive-by shooting, while the death of the Palestinian was precipitated by his illegal entry to a restricted military zone, ignoring of an order through loudspeakers to leave, warning shots, then shots fired at the infiltrator’s legs.

Second, likely a typo, but inexcusable, is this description of a certain Palestinian leader whom Abbas succeeded:

Abbas engineered the truce soon after winning elections in January to succeed the late Gasser Aright, the Palestinians’ longtime leader whom Israel accused of inciting bloodshed and never invited to Jerusalem. (screen captured)

The fact that such a thing could slip by the Reuters editors indicates a larger problem of professionalism at the ‘news’ outlet.