When Big Media is “More Palestinian” Than the Palestinians

Israeli officials who favor concessions to the Palestinians — get labeled by Big Media as “pragmatic,” “moderate,” and “dovish.”

What about the Palestinian officials outed as favoring concessions to Israel? Is the MSM describing them as “moderates,” “doves,” and “pragmatic” now?

Not Robert Fisk:

It will be – and is – an outrage for the Palestinians to learn how their representatives have turned their backs on them.

Not the Globe & Mail, which had this headline:

Here’s the real acid test: The leaks reveal that Prime Minister Netanyahu secretly promised not to build new neighborhoods in E1, a relatively small area of land between Jerusalem and Maale Adumim. The foreign press corp isn’t known for being “more Israeli” than Israeli negotiators, so it’s safe to say you won’t see this headline in any mainstream Western paper:

Israeli leaders abandoning ancestral claims to homeland: documents

So much for the MSM’s labels. One man’s moderate another man’s traitor.