While Bibi Talked Red Lines, Did a Tweeting Journo Cross One?

Journos on Twitter routinely identify their positions and news services because it helps them gain followers, boosts their credibility, and adds transparency to their industry.

But they often add a disclaimer, such as “Any views expressed are my own.”

I don’t want to stifle any correspondent’s free speech. But using their professional position to boost a personal twitter feed still reflects on the employer. After all, when reporters express ill-advised opinions (they’re entitled to be stupid too), it starts to erode public confidence in their work and professionalism.

Which brings us to Wyre Davies, who covers the Israel for the BBC. Tweeting his reactions to the Netanyahu and Abbas UN speeches, one particular tweet insinuated that Israel’s hypocritical on nukes.

So I’m putting to the readers. Is it hypocritical for journalists to both play up and disown their professional credentials? While Bibi talked about red lines, did Davies cross one?

I’m pre-empting the inevitable Octavia Nasr comparisons. Davies didn’t go that far.