Will NATO Target Lockerbie Bomber?

Bad move, pal.

You blew up a Pan Am airliner over Scotland, killing 270 people. Your prostate cancer and release from prison on “compassionate grounds” became a political hot potato in the US and UK. Your former justice minister said you carried out the attack on Gaddafi’s orders.

And now, the Westerners most outraged that you’ve outlived your medical prognosis for prostate cancer are bombing your country. Your patron, Col. Gaddafi, is in a tight race with another Syrian autocrat for Most Despised Person on Planet Earth.

You should’ve kept a low profile, politely distanced yourself from Gaddafi, and worked on your “No comment” and “I’m not feeling well,” lines in the comfort of your Tripoli villa.

Instead, you showed up at a pro-Gaddafi rally televised on TV. Not smart.

Earlier this month, the Daily Mail reported that the US asked Libyan rebels to capture you if they enter Tripoli so you can face justice in the US. Of course, Gaddafi will kill you before letting that happen. You know too much.

But you’re also aware that your knowledge of Gaddafi’s connection to Lockerbie is less valuable with the Brother Leader in a fight for his own life. Compared to the crimes against humanity Gaddafi’s already under indictment for in The Hague, you’re suddenly small time.

So If NATO ultimately kills you in an airstrike, who’s going to shed a tear? Gaddafi will protest with his typically wordy declarations, but deep down, you know your corpse is merely one less distraction for the Brother Leader.

Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, you were better off in Greenock Prison. Did you ever imagine it would come to this?