Worth reading today

* PLO ‘Foreign Minister’ Farouk Kaddoumi admits the PLO never changed their official charter calling for Israel’s destruction.

* Report: How Israel Found Rantissi (Jerusalem Post)

Israel managed to find and kill Abdel Aziz Rantisi by placing one of his bodyguards under surveillance, Israel TV Channel 2 reported Monday. Rantisi was dressed in disguise as an old man wearing an Arab cloak and headdress.

Also, Israeli Border Police head Cmdr. David Zur said Saturday that Israel has agents within the very leadership of Hamas.

* On an Irish talkshow, journalist Robert Fisk explodes when challenged on his allegation that a ‘massacre’ occured in Jenin in 2002. Fisk loses it when his Jenin lie is called a ‘blood libel’. [7.7 meg VIDEO] More on this at SharkBlog, LGF.

* Haaretz columnist Zvi Bar’el weighs in on the Hamas-PA struggle:

Sharon’s disengagement plan has compelled the PA and Hamas to try to find a way to share control. Hamas believes the time has come to establish a joint leadership. “The era of discourse between those issuing commands and those following orders is over,” wrote Rifat Nasif, a Hamas member from Tulkarm, on the movement’s website. Hamas has referred to the PLO as “a representative” of the Palestinian people and not “the sole representative.”

* Greg Myre of the New York Times has an article on Hamas, and see ‘Hamas after Rantisi’ by Meir Litvak of the Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies/Tel Aviv University (MS Word document).