Worth Reading Today

* Robert Fulford at National Post talks with a Palestinian human rights activist who’s willing to point his finger at the PA:

He believes human rights develop from the bottom up; they are seldom bestowed by those in authority. “You have to take human rights. No one will give them to you.” He expressed contempt for the European Union, which gives vast sums of money to Palestinian leaders without any honest accounting.

Despite his resentment of the Israelis, he has no illusions about the virtues of the Palestinians. He wondered aloud who was more to blame for Arafat’s crimes: Arafat, or the populace that tolerates and even reveres him? He said Palestinians fall into three categories. Those who support the Arafat gang out of self-interest, those who are apathetic, and the rest, who are afraid to speak.

* Shimon Samuels reports that the anti-globalization World Social Forum has been hijacked by the anti-Israel movement:

The takeover of the World Social Forum by advocates of the Palestine cause, who made it the central axis, was insidious. The phenomenon may not have been widely picked up by the media, but its effects have been sown subliminally and globally among a young generation, and disseminated throughout civil society.

What can be done? The WSF must be constantly monitored. It must be challenged and engaged.

* From IMRA: Palestinian media figures guilty of advocating mass murder