Write your own Friedman column!

The New York Observer has the latest Tom Friedman parody:

Write your own Thomas Friedman column!

1. Choose your title to intrigue the reader through its internal conflict:

a. War and Peas
b. Osama, Boulevardier
c. Big Problems, Little Women

2. Include a dateline from a remote location, preferably dangerous, unmistakably Muslim:

a. Mecca, Saudi Arabia
b. Islamabad, Pakistan
c. Mohammedville, Trinidad

Read the whole thing here.

Meanwhile, Friedman today asks where all those suicide bombers in Iraq came from:

I don’t buy it myself, but one can plausibly argue that 37 years of Israeli occupation of the West Bank have made Palestinians so crazy that scores of them would have volunteered for suicide bombing missions over the last few years.

He doesn’t ‘buy it’, but he rents the canard long enough to spread it in his broadly-read column. More:

Whoever “they” are, they seem to be getting more and more sophisticated. What’s worse is that these people are utter nihilists. At least Hamas has a stated political goal of ridding Palestine of all Jews and setting up an Islamic state there. It even offers social services. The people running the suicide operations in Iraq, whether they are working independently or are just one organization, don’t even claim credit, let alone make any demands. They just want to ensure that America fails to produce anything decent in Iraq and they are ready to sacrifice all Iraqis for that end.

So Hamas is ‘understandable’ because they are genocidal, but the Iraqi terrorists (who so far are only targeting US troops and their Iraqi appointees – not civilians) defy Friedman’s understanding. The cognitive dissonance is mind-numbing.