Dreyfus He Ain’t

DreyfusAzmi Bishara’s still attracted to the media spotlight like flies to honey. In today’s LA Times, Bishara compares himself to Alfred Dreyfus:

But now, in an ironic twist reminiscent of France’s Dreyfus affair — in which a French Jew was accused of disloyalty to the state — the government of Israel is accusing me of aiding the enemy during Israel’s failed war against Lebanon in July.

Meanwhile, YNet News explains how Bishara’s eagerness to be in the headlines helped do him in:

When police investigators tried to summon Bishara for questioning after the war they soon discovered that this would be easier said than done. The political leader actively avoided them and refused to return telephone calls to investigators.

But, not to be deterred, the police and Shin Bet decided to employ Bishara’s well known love of the media spotlight for their cause and had a police officer named Yaron London (also the name of a renowned journalist) call his office.

When Bishara heard about the call from his aides he thought the man in question was the popular television host and he immediately returned the call. “Is this Yaron London?” asked Bishara. “Yes,” said the officer and before Bishara could place the unfamiliar voice the officer had identified himself as a police investigator and summoned Bishara for questioning.