German Paper Apologizes for Yet Another Anti-Semitic Cartoon

Süddeutsche Zeitung (the same paper which apologized for a cartoon demonizing Israel last year) apologized on Twitter for another anti-Semitic-themed cartoon. 

This time around, cartoonist Burkhard Mohr, caricatured Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg as a long-nosed octopus controlling the world. Not smart. If you don’t get why, see the Daily Mail, which compared Mohr’s caricature to similar Nazi imagery.

What’s with these German cartoonists?

Forced to explain himself, Mohr told the Jerusalem Post the cartoon was his take on Facebook acquiring WhatsApp. The caricature, he said, wasn’t intended to be viewed as an expression of anti-Semitism or as a personal attack on Zuckerberg, adding,

I am sorry that it led to this misunderstanding and hurt the feelings of some readers.

Mohr subsequently revised the cartoon.

revised cartoon

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