Irish Newspaper: How to Boycott Israel

The Irish Congress of Trade Unions has issued a call to ban imports from what it calls “illegal Israeli settlements”.

The Irish Times reports on the story, stating that the head of the ICTU is calling for an “urgent meeting” with the Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs “to seek an immediate and effective intervention by the Irish Government in light of the recent conflict in the Gaza Strip.”

With an accompanying article expressing the objections of Israel’s ambassador to Dublin, perhaps the Irish Times sought the veneer of balance and objectivity.

Except the Irish Times didn’t express a properly stated opinion on whether it supports a boycott or not.

Instead of an editorial or a public statement supporting a boycott, the paper includes what is effectively a guide on how readers can boycott Israeli goods, including a slideshow of images such as the iconic Ahava cosmetic brand.

It lists items such as carpets, garden furniture and cosmetics that are manufactured or produced in “illegal settlements” or in the “illegally occupied West Bank,” making sure to include not only the Israeli manufacturers but also where their goods are sold in Irish stores.

But the Irish Times goes further than the call for a boycott of goods manufactured in the West Bank.

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