5 Questions For Harriet Sherwood, Who Is Going Off the Deep End

UPDATE 3:40 pm: This is becoming even more bizarre. Stephen Pollard (via CiF Watch) says Sherwood illegally recorded their conversation.

* * *

Harriet Sherwood’s really gone off the deep end.

The Guardian’s Israel correspondent is going after Geoffrey Alderman for Alderman’s over-the-top commentary about Vittorio Arrigoni, the Italian ISM personality murdered by Islamists in Gaza last month.

Sherwood’s entitled to her views, but I’m struggling to understand a few things:

  1. Are critiques of London-based commentaries part of Sherwood’s mandate as a reporter?
  2. Why bother drawing attention to Alderman’s piece?
  3. Why is her defense of Arrigoni so impassioned?
  4. Why is The Guardian publishing this on Sherwood’s news blog — instead of in the Comment is Free Section?
  5. And what does all this say about The Guardian?

Yesterday, I blogged her nasty phone call to Jewish Chronicle editor, Stephen Pollard. I assumed it was just a rant.

It was an interview.

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