Aussie Paper Publishes Photo, Caricatures Jews

Put aside the attitude of Amin Saikal as he almost crows with glee over the perceived blow to Israel following the signing of the Iran interim nuclear deal. The first thing that most readers will notice before reading the text of his Sydney Morning Herald op-ed is the accompanying photo.


What exactly does an uncaptioned photo of silhouetted ultra-Orthodox Jews have to do with the Israel-Iran situation?

Considering that the ultra-Orthodox are representative of some 15% of the Israeli population, the photo, artistic as it may be, cannot be said to be an accurate representation of Israel or Israelis.

While the image by itself is neutral, within the context of the story, it is inappropriate.

Could it be that the Sydney Morning Herald is simply using a “classic” image of Jews to caricature rather than to illustrate the story?


Following an email from HonestReporting and the exposure created by this post, the Sydney Morning Herald has removed the offending photo.

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