Author Unplugs The Guardian’s Spin

This says a lot about The Guardian. An op-ed by Benjamin Pogrund, a prominent anti-apartheid activist who made aliyah took Haaretz to task for its controversial apartheid survey.

Israel has moved to the right, but is not an apartheid state.

Pogrund’s point is that the media over-spun the story against Israel. But an ironic editors note at the bottom confirms The Guardian’s contribution to the problem — the original headline was twisted against Pogrund’s very point:

The original headline of this article, “Israel is hostile towards Arabs, but it is not an apartheid state”, was changed at 17:46 on 26 October 2012 at the request of the author.

I couldn’t find a cached version of the original headline, but it remains in CiF’s Facebook and Twitter feeds.

So after Pogrund unspun Haaretz, he had to unpleasantly unspin The Guardian as well.