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Hezbollah Escalates Rocket Fire on Northern Border

Today’s Top Stories 1. Hezbollah escalated tensions along the northern border. An anti-tank rocket fired from Lebanon hit an IDF vehicle in the Har Dov area. Mortars also fell in the Hermon region. Seven soldiers were hospitalized and a Spanish member of UNIFIL died of injuries from the crossfire. Israel denied any soldiers were abducted. More on

Boycott Divestment Sanctions (BDS)


Saying No to BDS: Academic Group Rejects Last-Minute Effort

The BDS bandwagon continues to roll through the world of American academia, but this week’s vote from the American Historical Association proves it may be hitting some bumps in the road. The association flatly rejected an attempt to add two resolutions condemning Israel. A group called Historians Against the War tried to push new anti-Israel agenda