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I’m With Diab

Does the Shin Bet need to take security precautions for the prime minister at media functions, like last yesterday's press conference? Unfortunately, yes. Was the prime minister's message — primarily about the need for tougher international sanctions against Iran — important? Absolutely. But let's get real. With all due respect to the Prime Minister's office,

Diplomat Slams NY Times’ Paean In the Rear

Former US diplomat Jeffrey Feltman slams a NY Times profile of Al Akhbar, a newspaper published by Hezbollah. Feltman, who was the US ambassador to Lebanon, writes in this letter to the editor: Sadly, Al Akhbar is less maverick and far less heroic than your article suggests. Al Akhbar will no more criticize Hezbollah’s secretary general, Hassan Nasrallah,

International Solidarity Movement Exposed

Malam put together one heckuva investigation into the International Solidarity Movement. It drew several conclusions, this one being what I thought was most signficant: The concept of "non-violence" as opposed to the ISM's justification of a Palestinian "armed struggle:" In its internal documents, on its website and in statements made by its senior figures and

Evening Reading

• A remarkably articulate "big picture" look at conspiracy theories targeting That Convenient Scapegoat, Israel • Imagine if Mexico started naming streets after Jared Loughner. Well, Ramallah's naming more streets after terrorists. • Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs is on strike. Try sleeping better after reading this: Some of the damage being caused by the

Great Moments in Medical Peer Review at The Lancet

Investigative journalist Brian Deer exposed a big fraud at The Lancet. It turns out that a 1998 article linking autism to the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine — already debunked — was actually based on fraudulent research. We’re talking about discrepancies, irregularities, even falsified data which, till now, were never questioned. So much for

Helen Thomas Lifetime Achievement Award’s Half-Life

Looks like the Society of Professional Journalists' lifetime achievement award named for Helen Thomas is about to hit the dustbin of history. The SPJ's executive committee recommended retiring the award. The board of directors will make a final decision within the next 10 days. The viral video of Thomas telling Jews to "get the hell

Your Daily Dose of PA Spokesman Idiocy

Palestinian cabinet spokesman Ghassan Khatib on the death of Jawaher Abu-Rahma: "There is only one message conveyed by them and this is that the case was a typical one of tear gas inhalation." Typical? How is that possible when death from tear gas is virtually unknown?