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Julian Assange, Zionist Neocon?

UPDATE 10:42 a.m: The world’s really turned upside down. Israeli ambassador Ron Prosor got a standing ovation– at Oxford Union? * * * In an interview with Time, Julian Assange uses Benjamin Netanyahu to defend Wikileaks: And we can see the Israeli Prime Minister [Benjamin] Netanyahu coming out with a very interesting statement that leaders

Israel In the Light

I'm busy with other things, so I'm switching gears today. Chanuka — tonight — is the festival of light, so here's a selection of eight Israeli photos on Flickr making amazing use of light. 1. Vissshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..2. Night Shift3. Wonder4. Pursuit of Light5. Before Dawn6. Dov Navon7. The Last of the Day8. Ramon Crater

Wikileaks-Israel Roundup, Part 2

It ain't liveblogging, but the roundup of Wikileaks-Israel material continues. • Reporters will have a harder time with government sources. So predicted Prime Minister Netanyahu in a meeting with editors and journalists: Netanyahu said that as a result of the huge cache of diplomatic cables that were released Sunday, leaders and diplomats will be more

Wikileaks-Israel Roundup

Here's a roundup of some revelations, thoughts and fallout on Wikileaks and Israel. I'll post more as people sort through the mountains of info. • Before Operation Cast Lead, Israel asked the PA and Egypt to assume administrative control of Gaza after the conflict. Both refused, and the PA already denies having any advance knowledge

WikiLeaks: Iran Smuggled Weapons to Hezbollah in Ambulances

Plenty of juicy tidbits already emerging from the latest WikiLeaks info dump. One State Dept. cable published in The Guardian lays out how Iran smuggled weapons and spies in ambulances to Lebanon during the 2006 war. According to a source quoted in the cable: The Iranian Red Crescent again facilitated the entry of Qods force officers

Harriet Sherwood in Jerusalem: A 6-Month Assessment

CiFWatch assesses Harriet Sherwood's six months in Israel for The Guardian. Spoiler alert: To conclude, Sherwood does not appear so far to be meeting her own standards as professed above. She is definitely “covering the same ground as everyone else” . . . Here's a visual breakdown of Sherwood's coverage: Read the full analysis.

10 Politically Incorrect Things I’m Thankful For

10. Israelis put security ahead of political correctness. I wish Ben Gurion Airport's passenger profiling, metal detectors in every mall, the security fence, checkpoints, and the Gaza blockade weren't necessary — but they are. 9. Living in Jerusalem: Regardless of what the UN says, visiting the Western Wall reminds me why this place is the

Bad Guys Bought Stuxnet on Black Market

Sources tell Sky News that unidentified "bad guys" bought the Stuxnet on the black market. The list of vulnerable installations is almost endless – they include power stations, food distribution networks, hospitals, traffic lights and even dams. A senior IT security source said: "We have hard evidence that the virus is in the hands of