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Press TV Faked 1,370 Somali Deaths By US Drones

Press TV Faked 1,370 Somali Deaths By US Drones

Want another reason to ban Press TV? The Bureau of Investigative Journalism accuses Iran’s Press TV of “faking dozens of accounts of US drone strikes in Somalia which it says killed hundreds of civilians.” The Pentagon doesn’t comment on drone strikes, so fabricating them is surprisingly easy: No representatives from the UN, Amisom (African Union

Media Cheat Sheet 12/04/2011

Everything you need to know about the weekend coverage of Israel and the Mideast. Israeli govt backs off from ill-conceived ad campaign, but one paper suggests it’s a conspiracy. Israel reveals drones program in Gaza. And why did the PLO subpoena The Green Prince? Peace Process • Khaled Abu Toameh: Fatah and Hamas are too


Media Cheat Sheet 12/01/2011

Everything you need to know about today’s media coverage of Israel and the Mideast. Iran’s feeling the heat on a lot of levels. Big Media thinks Israeli start-ups are cool. And Time says, “So what?” as Israel releases tax revenue to the PA. Iranian Issues • While the Brits are shutting down Iran’s embassy, they


Media Cheat Sheet 11/30/2011

Everything you need to know about today’s media coverage of Israel and the Mideast. Intelligence officials confirm that an Iranian nuclear facility was blown up yesterday in Isfahan. Tom Friedman urges Israel to be more Fayyadistic than Salam Fayyad himself. And Israel releases $100 million in taxes to the PA. Visit Backspin every day for


Tom Friedman to Israel: Be More Fayyadistic Than Fayyad

New York Times columnist Tom Friedman frets over Israel and the Arab Spring, and what it all means for the peace process. His solution? Israel’s best defense is to strengthen Fayyadism — including giving Palestinian security services more areas of responsibility to increase their legitimacy and make clear that they are not the permanent custodians of Israel’s

Lynsey Addario and A Strip Search’s Fallout

Try to imagine the scene: An eight-month pregnant woman is made to go through X-ray machine three times, to the amusement of security personnel. Then she’s told she has to undergo a strip-search anyway. New York Times photographer Lynsey Addario was working on assignment and returning to Israel from Gaza. She had her Government Press

Media Cheat Sheet 11/29/2011

Everything you need to know about today’s media coverage of Israel and the Mideast. Another mysterious blast in Iran, the PA’s lowers expectations on May 4 elections, and Tunisia’s draft constitution condemns Zionism. Iranian Atomic Urgency • Reports of a big explosion in Isfahan. There’s not much known other than what the Iranian horse’s mouth has


Bungled Headline of the Day

UPDATE Nov. 30: Well isn’t this splendid? More prime examples of Big Media’s penchant for moral equivalence at The Scotsman and Montreal Gazette: * * * Lebanese terrorists fire rockets at Israel. And what’s The Guardian‘s headline? On a purely factual level, the headline’s off because Israel retaliated with some very limited artillery fire —  and certainly