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BBC Mistweets Tel Aviv as Israel’s Capital Under Fire

BBC Mistweets Tel Aviv as Israel’s Capital Under Fire

With the Gush Dan region and Tel Aviv being targeted by Palestinian rockets, it might seem almost inconsequential under the current circumstances but we’ve caught the BBC claiming that Tel Aviv is Israel’s capital on the BBC News Twitter feed. Even The Guardian and the UK’s Press Complaints Commission have acknowledged that Tel Aviv is

Sky News Turns Iron Dome Into Offensive Weapon

It doesn’t take much to portray Israel as an aggressor. Take this photo of Israel’s Iron Dome, part of a gallery on Sky News. The caption underneath reads: The Israeli military launches a missile from the Iron Dome missile system in the southern Israeli city of Beer Sheva into the Gaza Strip. Iron Dome is,


McClatchy Typo Multiplies Palestinian Deaths

One can only hope that the following figures were a result of a simple typo in Sheera Frenkel‘s report for McClatchy on Israel’s current problems on its northern and southern borders. We are used to seeing Palestinian casualty figures tossed around by the media with little regard for the source or differentiation between Palestinian combatants


BBC Journo and the “Jewish Lobby”

How about this for a Q and A on the US elections with the BBC’s Washington correspondent Katty Kay? Katty Kay doesn’t stop at just the conflation of “power and money” when it comes to questioning the motivations behind US support for Israel. It’s not the so-called Israel lobby but the “Jewish lobby” that Kay


More Twisting the Truth: Ha’aretz and IDF Experiments on Soldiers

At the beginning of October 2012, Ha’aretz published a report with the following disturbing headline: Israel Prize winner and author of the IDF’s Code of Ethics, Professor Asa Kasher, had, according to Ha’aretz, presented an opinion that: medical experiments on soldiers are desirable and even justified. Kasher declared that “the participation of soldiers in compulsory