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Facebook Removes Journalist for Posting Articles on Palestinian Corruption

Facebook Removes Journalist for Posting Articles on Palestinian Corruption

Khaled Abu Toameh is an internationally respected journalist and is a regular speaker on HonestReporting’s Missions. He is probably the bravest journalist operating in the Palestinian territories today, reporting on Palestinian affairs where others are either too intimidated or in thrall to the Palestinian Authority or Hamas to expose the ills of Palestinian society and


BBC News Moves to the Bunker

It appears that BBC News may have reached a new low. According to the Daily Mail: The BBC’s new multi-million pound television news studio has been built to be bomb proof to protect journalists from suicide attacks. The news room sits in a bunker under the main reception at the £1 billion New Broadcasting House.

Jerusalem Weather Restored to Windows 8 App

In a change from diplomatic, security or political stories, Israel’s weather is making headlines as the country grinds to a halt under a deluge of rain. It’s definitely a good time to check out the weather forecast for the coming days, particularly if you are an Israeli. So yesterday we looked at the Weather App

Naftali Bennett

Who’s a “Pin-Up Zionist”?

The term “Zionist” is increasingly used in a pejorative manner by Israel’s detractors. Drawing an association between Israel’s founding ideology and other negative terms such as “racism”, “colonialism” and “apartheid” is part of the movement to delegitimize Israel. After all, at its most basic definition, Zionism is simply the national movement for the return of the

Haneen Zoabi

Arab Voting Becomes Stick to Beat Israel

Is it any wonder that Israel is perceived as a racist, apartheid and non-democratic state when articles such as Ben Lynfield’s latest appear in The Scotsman? Under the dubious sounding headline “Democracy fears as Arabs set to boycott Israeli poll,” according to Lynfield: Most of Israel’s Arab citizens are poised to boycott next month’s parliamentary