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Anti-Israel Rant or Anti-Semitic Smear?

Anti-Israel Rant or Anti-Semitic Smear?

Criticizing an Israeli action or policy is not anti-Semitic. But demonizing Israel in a hate-filled rant with language not used against any other country in the world besides the Jewish state could very well be. That’s just what Rachel Smalley, a prominent journalist in New Zealand, did a few years ago during the 2014 war


US Senators Call for Increase in Military Aid to Israel

Today’s Top Stories 1. Eighty-three out of one hundred US Senators have signed a letter to President Obama urging an increase in military aid to Israel. The current package is $3 billion of credits that are used primarily to purchase military items from American defense contractors. An increase would be used to maintain Israel’s qualitative


Multiple Terrorist Attacks Hit Israel

Today’s Top Stories 1.  In the last twenty-four hours, there have been five Palestinian terrorist attacks resulting in the death of an American tourist and dozens of injuries. The shooting, stabbing, and vehicle attacks occurred in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv/Jaffa, Petach Tikva, and Ramot. Coverage from the Times of Israel and Ynet. The murder victim was