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Author’s Effort To Make Jewish History Die

Author’s Effort To Make Jewish History Die

An author visited the West Bank on a trip with Breaking the Silence, and wrote an essay in which she completely denies Jewish ties to Israel, while demonizing and dehumanizing Israelis – and the Irish Times promotes her hateful, false narrative.

The ABC Of Distorting History

An ABC guide to the two-state solution aims to clear up any confusion on the issue for its readers. Instead it leads its readers to adopt the Palestinians’ favored and distorted version of history and the conflict, leading to only more confusion.

With Sympathy: AP Photos Invert Terrorist And Victims

The Associated Press illustrates a report on a Palestinian terror attack with photos of the mourning relatives of a Palestinian involved in terror who was killed in a totally unrelated incident. Is it too much for the AP to portray Israelis as victims when they are targeted by Palestinian terrorists?

The New Statesman’s Palestine Solidarity Campaign

The New Statesman acts as a mouthpiece for the extremist Palestine Solidarity Campaign, publishing a one-sided article that demonizes Israel and ignores the existence of Palestinian terrorism.