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Conference Speaker Understands Terrorism, Misunderstands Anti-Semitism

Conference Speaker Understands Terrorism, Misunderstands Anti-Semitism

Excusing terrorism, promoting lies and discrimination against Israel, and calling for the dismantling of the Jewish state, based on those lies, are the very epitome of demonization.


The New Statesman’s Palestine Solidarity Campaign

The New Statesman acts as a mouthpiece for the extremist Palestine Solidarity Campaign, publishing a one-sided article that demonizes Israel and ignores the existence of Palestinian terrorism.


False Claims of Biblical Proportions

Unlike the impression given by the IBT, Jews are not looking to pray at a mosque, Islamic holy site, or Muslim sanctuary, but at the holiest site in Judaism, the Temple Mount.


Professor Wants Safe Space To Bash Israel

Makdisi is calling for universities to be made safer places for students to freely express their views – yet it is radical anti-Israel activists like himself who make Jewish and pro-Israel students feel intimidated and unsafe standing up for their views and for the Jewish state.