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History of Rafiah

Good historical background on the whole Rafiah mess from analyst Elliot Chodoff. (Sign up here for Chodoff’s and Yisrael Neeman’s free email newsletter.): Rafiah Tunnel Vision By Elliot Chodoff The vehemence of the worldwide condemnation of Israel for the IDF operation into Rafiah this week surprised even some veteran Israeli commentators. The UN Security Council

What would we do without experts?

Dave Copeland, a columnist at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, pulls back the curtain on journalists’ use of ‘experts’ in news reports. James Taranto, are you listening? Because most in-the-trench reporters aren’t allowed to think for themselves, they rely on “experts” who can state their pre-determined opinion for them (don’t buy into all this objectivity crap; fairness

PA funnelling weapons

Another IDF statement you probably won’t see in your local paper today: Palestinian Authority police are transferring weapons to terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip to assist in their fight against the Israeli army, according to a senior official quoted on Army Radio Sunday. See also these IDF presentations (.pdf) on the chief reason for

PA vs. James Bennet

NY Times reporter James Bennet makes his living presenting Israeli vs. Palestinian claims on the truth. Now everyone will have to weigh Bennet’s vs. the Palestinians’ account of what happened to him outside a Gaza hospital on Thursday: Palestinian Authority officials and journalists denied over the weekend that Palestinians in Rafah had tried to kidnap

Another Jenin

This weekend confirmed that Palestinian propaganda efforts have succeeded in turning the ongoing IDF operation in southern Gaza into another version of the infamous ‘Jenin massacre’ lie of 2002, which was characterized by manipulation of photos, statistics, sources of fire and identity of the dead. Consider: * House demolitions: The IDF says that since the

Write your own Friedman column!

The New York Observer has the latest Tom Friedman parody: Write your own Thomas Friedman column! 1. Choose your title to intrigue the reader through its internal conflict: a. War and Peas b. Osama, Boulevardier c. Big Problems, Little Women 2. Include a dateline from a remote location, preferably dangerous, unmistakably Muslim: a. Mecca, Saudi

IDF humanitarian care in Rafah

Released today by the IDF to the press, but unlikely to hit your local papers: IDF SPOKESPERSON ANNOUNCEMENT Humanitarian assistance during the IDF operation in Rafah. During IDF operation in Rafah which began on May 18, 2004, the IDF enhanced its humanitarian assistance through its district coordination offices. These offices were instructed to assist with

7 recommended books; 3 book reviews

(Via Tom Gross) The first five books deal with anti-Semitism, the Israeli-Palestinian dispute, and in some cases media coverage. All these books have been published in recent weeks. The other two books are new biographies of Yasser Arafat published last fall. ————————————————————— 1. “Those Who Forget the Past: The Question of Anti-Semitism,” edited by Ron