BBC Journo and the “Jewish Lobby”

How about this for a Q and A on the US elections with the BBC’s Washington correspondent Katty Kay?

Katty Kay doesn’t stop at just the conflation of “power and money” when it comes to questioning the motivations behind US support for Israel.

It’s not the so-called Israel lobby but the “Jewish lobby” that Kay refers to – phraseology that should not be part of any mainstream media’s lexicon.

Even if Katty Kay was being thoughtless rather than deliberately offensive, it nonetheless offers a disturbing window into the casually prejudiced mindset of some in the BBC and other media.

According to the Jewish Chronicle, a BBC spokesman said that the correspondent’s “primary point in responding was that the US regards Israel as a key ally in the Middle East and also recognizes the importance and influence of this relationship on the voting”.

Evidently the BBC cannot even see what was so offensive about Kay’s statement. Or is it just easier not to acknowledge the problem?

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