BBC: The UN “Disputes” That Israel Killed Baby Omar

The UN exonerated Israel for killing baby Omar Mishawari, saying he was killed by an errant Palestinian rocket.

But the BBC’s sticking up for its Gaza journalist, Jihad Mishawari, who insists the baby was killed by Israel. What makes him so sure?

Jehad Mashhrawi dismissed the UN findings as “rubbish”.

He said nobody from the United Nations had spoken to him, and said Palestinian militant groups would usually apologise to the family if they had been responsible.

Does Mishawari really believe that a terror group embedded among civilians over the years in houses, schools, mosques, hospitals, soccer fields, zoos, etc. is going to tell the truth about its errant rocket? Especially given the tearful image’s propaganda value?

Should I be grateful that the Beeb even acknowledged there’s another side to the story? After all,  it’s the least Big Media can do.

BBC spin is as BBC spin does.


 Meanwhile, the LA Times and National Post also picked up on the story.