Boycott Divestment Sanctions (BDS) articles

Jimmy Carter Rejects BDS

Jimmy Carter, whose book Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid did more to legitimize the Apartheid smear than anything published by the BDS movement, is now publicly opposed to boycotts against Israel, including boycotts limited to the West Bank. Carter told the AP this week that he and “The Elders”  – a group former world leaders that

Fighting BDS – BDS is a Media War

One of the biggest misconceptions about the BDS, especially among people only casually exposed to the movement’s rhetoric, is that the BDS is designed to put economic and political pressure on Israel. The truth, as numerous reports have made clear, is that Israel’s economy has remained robust throughout the years of BDS pressure, even while

Fighting BDS – Scarlett Johansson Slams Oxfam for Political Agenda

Everything you need to know about fighting BDS and the assault on Israel’s legitimacy. Find us on Facebook here. Today’s Top BDS Stories: 1 Two recent articles on Scarlett Johansson include sections about her involvement in SodaStream. In The Guardian’s Sunday edition, The Observer, Johansson beats back an aggressive reporter, forthrightly defends SodaStream, and takes