Breaking News: Inconclusive Verdict from Al-Dura Trial

The French Appeal Court has just rendered Philippe Karsenty’s acquittal for libeling the French broadcaster and its correspondent Charles Enderlin as null and void. To recall, Karsenty has been campaigning tirelessly for many years that France 2 and Enderlin’s footage of the “death” of Mohammad al-Dura was not what it seemed and may even have been staged by the Palestinians.

Previously, Karsenty made a laughing stock out of France 2 when the evidence was produced in a French courtroom and a judge ruled that Karsenty had not committed libel.

This latest judgment is not the end of the matter. The case will be referred back to the Appeals Court to be heard by judges unconnected to the case. So while France 2 may be claiming a victory, it may yet be temporary.

Not quite the same news as that of Dr. Yehuda David, who only recently was celebrating when his conviction for libel against Mohammad al-Dura’s father was overturned, also in a French court.

More to come as we get it.

(H/T: Nidra Poller)


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