CBC ‘addressing anti-Israel bias’

Toronto Star has a followup on the CBC’s apology for a highly biased Neil Macdonald report, critiqued by HonestReporting:

CBC News is re-working its practices to avoid any future journalistic “mistakes” that may give its audiences the impression it has an “anti-Israel bias.”

The changes stem from a report by Washington correspondent — and former Middle East bureau chief — Neil Macdonald on the May 4 edition of The National.

The report provoked criticism from CBC watchdog groups, as well as organizations that monitor the media for what they deem to be an anti-Israel bias.

“Viewers have every right to expect more from The National and CBC News,” said editor-in-chief Tony Burman in a statement yesterday. “More care should have been taken on this story, and — as of this week — we have modified our editorial processes and procedures to ensure that this situation is never repeated.”

A positive step. But the CBC will not discipline Macdonald.