CBS 60 Minutes: An Unholy Attack on Israel

CBS 60 Minutes: An Unholy Attack on Israel

Attacking the Ambassador

Legitimate lobbying, advocacy or dialogue on behalf of Israel’s position is all too often crudely portrayed as illegitimate pressure applied by an all-powerful Israel or Jewish lobby. Perhaps that’s why Bob Simon felt it appropriate to turn Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren’s intervention with CBS into part of the story.

Why is Simon prepared to let Palestinian statements go unchallenged or taken as read while Ambassador Oren is subjected to a grilling, including on why he felt it necessary to address CBS’s report before it had been aired.

The Kairos Document

Presented in the 60 Minutes report as a document based on hope, love and non-violence, the Kairos Document, endorsed by a number of Palestinian church leaders is anything but. According to the ADL:

Kairos is a prime example of an effort to undercut the legitimacy of Israel as a Jewish State. It calls terror a form of legal resistance, it endorses boycotts and divestment against Israel, and it denies any connection between biblical covenants and the Jewish people.

For more on the theology behind the Kairos Document, see CAMERA‘s analysis.

While 60 Minutes may have attempted to present a consensus of Christian opinion firmly against Israel, the reality is quite different. Millions of other Christians are fully aware of the real dangers posed to their co-religionists throughout the Middle East as Christians are subjected to real violence and persecution by Israel’s Muslim neighbors. Christians United For Israel states the following facts in a campaign letter to CBS:

  • Since its birth in 1948, Israel’s Christian population has grown dramatically.
  • In the West Bank, the Christian population has not shrunk in absolute terms since 1967. On the contrary, the Palestinian Authority recently reported that the Christian population is growing.
  • The only way in which the Christian population is shrinking is as a percentage of the overall population. This shift is due overwhelmingly to the fact that the region’s Muslim population is growing so quickly.

The Christians of the Middle East do face unprecedented threats. As Islamic terrorists have stepped up their attacks against Christians, we are witnessing the collapse of the ancient Christian communities of Iraq, Egypt and Syria. Yet you chose to ignore these threats and focus instead on the security measures that Israel has taken to protect its citizens — Jewish, Christian and Muslim — from the very same Islamic terror.

We wholeheartedly concur. Please send your considered comments to CBS through its online feedback form, selecting 60 Minutes as the Category and add your voice to the many who have been outraged by Bob Simon’s unbalanced and unholy attack on Israel.

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