Daily Mail’s Disgusting Letter

The following letter appears in the March 21 print edition of the UK’s Daily Mail (not available online):

Tell the truth

It looks certain that the killing of an entire Jewish settlement family, reported in the media as an act of revenge by Palestinians, was in fact the work of a disgruntled worker who hadn’t been paid.

That Israeli troops have rounded up all Thai workers suggests that they know the truth but, true to form, they couldn’t possibly say that the Palestinians were wrongly accused. I’d like to think the media institutions who were so ready to use the murders to justify their patronage of Israel will issue the proper corrections and apologies. I’m not holding my breath.

Derek F. Wharton, Wirral

Actually, the only apology should be from the Daily Mail for publishing such a letter in the first place. This letter’s source was a discredited story published by the Palestinian Ma’an News Agency.

In fact, there are no foreign workers in the settlement of Itamar and the Fogel family home was built by Jewish laborers.

How disgusting that the Daily Mail should publish such a letter without even bothering to check the allegations. Looks like anything goes when it comes to “acceptable” criticism of Israel in the British press.

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