False Photo Incites on Facebook

Our Shattered Lens series examined how the wire services misused photo imagery to distort coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But what about unattributed photos that are deliberately used to incite against Israel on social media platforms such as Facebook?

Take a look at the photo below that has been posted on a Facebook page Freedom Will Come to Palestine:


Much like our own Photo That Started It All, the uninformed reader automatically jumps to the obvious conclusion. However, in this case, the “Israeli soldier” is carrying an AK-47 Kalashnikov – the weapon of choice for Arab regimes and terrorist organizations around the world. The IDF standard issue weapon is the US-made M16.

In addition, the uniform is not IDF issue either.

The rest of this Facebook page makes for unpleasant viewing but this particular photo is an example of how false or staged images can be used for incitement.