Headline Fail Over Israeli “Settlement Building Spree”

In the wake of Donald Trump’s US election victory, there have been many reactions concerning the consequences for Israeli policy. Israel’s science minister Ofir Akunis is quoted by Associated Press in many media outlets stating: “We need to think how we move forward now when the administration in Washington, the Trump administration and his advisers, are saying that there is no place for a Palestinian state.”

There has been no talk of any change in Israeli government policy. Yet, the comments by one minor Likud minister are taken by The Times of London to imply something far greater:




This is wholly disproportionate and a distortion of the facts. Instead of a headline attributing comments to a single political figure, The Times headline falsely states conjecture as fact even when the text of the story itself spends more time focused on a future Trump administration’s potential policies towards Israel.

HonestReporting has contacted The Times to ask for a headline change. Watch this space.

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