Ignoring 2 Key Points, WashPost Slams NGO-Funding Bill

A Washington Post staff-ed slamas the Knesset’s discussion on restricting foreign funding for NGOs. But it overlooks two key points.

First, the Post writes:

There is, however, nothing nefarious about public organizations in a democratic country receiving support from other democracies. The NGO funders are not enemies of Israel, and the groups themselves are not trying to subvert the state — only to correct what they see as its flaws.

The Post’s correct to a point. Not all non-governmental organizations are enemies of Israel, and I can live in peace with quite a few that I don’t necessarily agree with.

Unfortunately, there are also quite a few rotten apples the Post ought to address.

Just yesterday, one Israel-bashing brochure (pdf format) emerged. It was published by the Palestine Solidarity Association of Sweden and funded by — surprise — Swedish taxpayers. Its 32 pages spout claims of ethnic cleansing, racist legislation, Israeli apartheid, colonialism and more.

Pure delegitimization.

As I pointed out yesterday, even Sweden’s foreign aid minister, Gunilla Carlsson, was sharply critical of public money being used this way. Carlsson said:

“One party is demonized and they take a clear stance and are trying to affect public opinion. But that’s not something taxpayer money should be used for.”

But there’s another point the Post overlooked.

Haaretz reported just yesterday that the prime minister already froze the parliamentary process on the NGO bill because of foreign pressure. Enough time for some news services like AFP to pick up the story. But evidently, not the WashPost’s editorial board . . .


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