Is Cat Stevens Linked to Hamas?

CatstevensMaybe Homeland Security officials weren’t so wrong about Cat Stevens after all. The National Post reports that Stevens, who now goes by the name Yusuf Islam, was the guest of honor at a 1998 Toronto fundraising dinner for the Jerusalem Fund for Human Services, which the Canadian government considers a Hamas front. In a video of Islam’s keynote speech obtained by the Post, the former singer told his audience

“Palestine is close to the heart of each and every Muslim. What the Muslims of Palestine have been doing for many years now has been that bright light shining, that hope … that they are still believers that can raise the banner of jihad in the most difficult of circumstances.”

CORRECTION: The former Cat Stevens did not, according to the article, say these words, but rather the man who introduced him did. Apologies for misrepresentation of the former Cat Stevens.