Israel Daily News Stream 06/06/2012

Everything you need to know about today’s media coverage of Israel and the Mideast.

Barbara Walters apologizes for a conflict of interest with a Syrian spin doctor. Did Mahmoud Abbas’ sons enrich themselves at Palestinian and US taxpayer expense? German media responds to Israeli submarine sales.

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Israel and the Palestinians

 By pursuing an investigation of Yasser Arafat’s financial advisor, Mahmoud Abbas has opened up a “Pandora’s box” on Palestinian corruption that hits very close to home. In a well-researched piece, Jonthan Schanzer (Foreign Policy) notes the conspicuous and controversial wealth of Abbas’ two sons, Yasser and Tarek.

Have they enriched themselves at the expense of regular Palestinians — and even U.S. taxpayers?

Worth reading from the JCPA: Targeted Killings and Double Standards

This NY Times staff-ed supports Prime Minister Netanyahu’s decision on Ulpana but continues to see Israeli settlement policy as a big obstacle to peace. So what else is new?

In an LA Times op-ed, Miko Peled recalls the Six Day War and how his father — a high ranking IDF officer — regarded it.

Israel’s embassy in Norway is getting interesting new leadership. The new ambassador is a Druse professor, while his deputy is a Christian Arab. They’re certainly qualified. YNet explains why Professor Naim Araidi and George Deek will be busy in Oslo:

Israel suffers from a particularly bad reputation in the Scandinavian country. A recent poll initiated by Israel’s Foreign Ministry reveals alarming details: Most Norwegians consider Israelis as racist, aggressive, extreme in their views and anti-peace.

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