Media Get US Settlement Policy Wrong


The Times of London has issued the following correction in response to our complaint:




In addition, CNN staff in Israel have assured HonestReporting that this is not an error that will be made from reports originating in Israel while senior staff at CNN’s Atlanta HQ have also responded positively to ensure that this error is not repeated.

* * *

It’s a common misconception that the United States considers Jewish settlements in the West Bank to be illegal.

This is incorrect.  In fact, the US government does not consider Jewish settlements to be illegal.  It considers them to be objectionable, calling them “obstacles to peace” and prejudicial to the outcome of final status talks and questions their legitimacy.  It has not, however, called them illegal.

However, some media reports on Donald Trump’s proposed US ambassador to Israel, David Friedman have repeated the error.

Take CNN:



And The Times of London (subscription only):




We’ve contacted both CNN and The Times of London to point out the errors.

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