No Accountability for UN Media Official’s False Photo Tweet

Yesterday, we exposed the UN Media Official Responsible for False Photo Tweet.

We also called for UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs to dismiss Khulood Badawi. An “information and media coordinator” using Twitter to spread misinformation about Israel has no place in the UN.

The result? Readers who complained on OCHA’s contact page were rebuffed: the site allows three complaints an hour to essentially prevent people from making their voices heard. That’s accountability at the UN for you.

Badawi hasn’t apologized; as far as I’ve seen online, this is her only acknowledgement of the mess she created by uploading an old image to Twitter and misrepresenting it as current.

Judge for yourself the Diana Alzeer article Badawi links to. Alzeer did the right thing in retracting her own tweet.

But Badawi bears the responsibility the mess she created.

If she did this inadvertently, why isn’t Badawi apologizing? If she did this deliberately, what does that say about her position as an info and media coordinator for a UN organization?

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