Only Israel is “Hard-Line” According to AP

APlogoIsrael’s coalition government doesn’t always speak with one voice when it comes to dealing with the Palestinian issue. But why does the Associated Press refer to it as “hard-line”?

Members of Israel’s hard-line government have questioned Abbas’ readiness to make peace. But ahead of Monday’s meeting, Abbas received a boost of support from Israeli President Shimon Peres, who said: “We have to continue to work with the Palestinian Authority and President Abbas” and called him “a man of principles.”

While members of Israel’s government have certainly questioned Abbas’ readiness to make peace, does this make them “hard-line”? Does this make the entire government “hard-line”?

Granted, the coalition contains some members of parties such as Bayit Hayehudi and parts of the Likud who are adamantly opposed to making concessions to the Palestinians. However, the coalition’s second largest party is the centrist Yesh Atid, which supports peace negotiations which are led by the Hatnua party’s Tzipi Livni. Not to mention the Israeli PM Netanyahu who has publicly committed to a two-state solution.

So why then does the Associated Press use such lazy and inaccurate terminology? And why is Israel, which has repeatedly committed to making peace, portrayed as “hard-line” even when the Palestinian side has not moved one inch from its own zero-sum demands?

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