Photo Caption: Netanyahu “Demonizes Iran”

The Daily Mail covers Israeli PM Netanyahu’s upcoming meeting with UK PM Theresa May in London. It includes the following photos:



Note the accompanying caption:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (pictured) leads one of the most Right-wing governments Israel has ever had and demonising Iran appeals to his voting core

This constitutes editorializing on a grand scale. Arguably, this sort of statement should not appear as a photo caption in the first instance.

The charge that “demonizing Iran appeals to his [Netanyahu’s] core vote” is a step too far.

Is it demonizing to point out to the world that the Iranian regime has consistently threatened to wipe Israel from the map and constitutes a serious threat to Israel’s security? Is it demonization to address Iranian support and sponsorship of terrorist organizations committed to Israel’s destruction?

Not to mention Iran’s test firing in the past few days of missiles capable of hitting Israeli cities. And all of this without even considering the Iranian nuclear program that has allegedly been delayed by the deal brokered between Iran and the international community.

Concern over Iran’s threats and actions is not limited to Netanyahu’s voting core. It is something that concerns the entire Israeli political spectrum and general public. The Daily Mail’s photo caption diminishes the Iranian threat and demeans Israeli concerns.

Please make your concerns known about this photo caption and the Daily Mail’s editorializing by sending an email to, remembering to include this hyperlink in your complaint –

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