PLO Claims Jesus Was Palestinian

This is the Palestinian Liberation Organization’s (PLO) seasonal video message for Christmas:


 Note the video’s description:

Every Christmas Palestine celebrates the birth of one of its own, Jesus Christ.

“One of its own”?!

Jesus was, of course, born Jewish.

As Jeffrey Goldberg notes (emphasis added):

The most recent manifestation of the desire to de-Judaize Jesus has come not from European Christian churches, but from anti-Israel activists in the Arab world, who have engaged in a campaign to assert that Jesus was, in fact, a Palestinian (in other words, a member of a people that did not come into being until roughly 100 years ago), and that the Jews are guilty of deicide and genocide, among other -cides.

And what would happen today if a Jewish boy like Jesus decided to enter Palestinian-controlled areas? Most likely he’d have to lead his donkey through a hail of stones being thrown at him on the road.

The video itself is the usual Palestinian narrative of victim-hood and Israeli oppression. But when it comes to co-opting Jesus Christ, claiming him to be a Palestinian for their own propaganda, it’s clear just how far the Palestinians are prepared to go to distort history and religion for their cause.


The claim that Jesus was a Palestinian isn’t limited to the PLO’s YouTube account – Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is also publicly rewriting Christian history.

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