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Les huit catégories de biais médiatiques

La manipulation médiatique est l’un des aspects les plus malheureux du conflit Israélo-Palestinien. Nous avons vu des journaux flouter la différence entre journalisme et militantisme, des faits non-vérifiés avoir des conséquences fatales, des photographes et des Palestiniens distordre la réalité au profit d’une relation professionnelle bénéfique, la sémantique se politiser. Nous avons même vu des journalistes

Video: Is Israel an Apartheid State?

As Israeli Apartheid Week organizers prepare a series of public events demonizing Israel, we examine whether anything they say is actually true. Like it or not, they’ll probably be on your (or your children’s) college campus within the month.  

Write Letters to the Editor Like an Action Hero!

How to Write Like an Action Hero! from HonestReporting Letters to the editor are an important forum for public discussion, where you can educate and influence others. Here are ten tips on how you can effectively make your voice heard.    Like what you just read? Sign up for more:    Subscribe

Gary Kenzer Brings Media Lessons to All Ages in October

It was a busy month for HR’s North American Executive Director Gary Kenzer, who traveled through three states to train Israel’s supporters in media literacy and advocacy, and to give an in-depth analysis of media coverage of the recent Gaza war. Gary’s first speaking engagement, during the holiday of Succoth, took place at the Northwest