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Anti-Israel Rant or Anti-Semitic Smear?

Anti-Israel Rant or Anti-Semitic Smear?

Whether or not she crossed the line of anti-Semitism herself, Rachel Smalley’s sleight-of-hand attempt to cloak her misleading accusations in the mantle of “legitimate criticism” is disingenuous.


The Eight Categories of Media Bias

Media manipulation is one of the most unfortunate aspects of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We’ve seen papers blur the distinction between journalism and advocacy, fact-checking failures become fatal, photographers and Palestinians twist reality in mutually beneficial relationships, semantics become politicized and news executives cover up news to protect access. We’ve even seen journalists abuse readers who dared to disagree. None


Video: Is the UN Human Rights Council Obsessed with Israel?

The New York Times makes an editorial comment stuck in the middle of an article that undermines the Israeli Prime Minister’s claim that the United Nations Human Rights Council is “obsessed” with Israel. But the facts are on the Prime Minister’s side and the comment is harmful and misleading.