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Assad’s Propaganda Machine Takes a Big Hit

Syria’s top news personality, Ola Abbas, who defected to the rebels a month ago,¬†described the government’s propaganda machine to Der Spiegel. What makes the defection all the more damning is that Abbas is an Alawite. Orwellian repeatedly came¬†to mind as I read the interview: The word “demonstrators” was prohibited in the media from the start.

If This is Syria’s Best Fauxtography, Assad is Doomed

Egad. As if Bashar Assad doesn’t have enough P.R. headaches right now. Sana, Syria’s state-run news service, published this bizarre handout fauxtograph of Assad swearing in the new governor of Hama. Sana has a high resolution image (via The Atlantic Wire) you can check out more closely. Washington Post photo editors commented that Assad’s right