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Israel at War – Day 6

As rocket attacks escalate on Israel, so does the media war – help respond now!

Iranian Propaganda TV Increases its Reach

Press TV sends a shocking response to an invited guest.

Terrorism in Mumbai

When will the media show some consistency in defining terror?

Alibhai-Brown’s Media Outrage

Independent columnist asks “Where is the media outrage over Gaza?”

More Smears By Hari

HonestReporting isn’t very popular with Independent columnist Johann Hari who prefers to attack us rather than address his one-sided opinion pieces. At the risk of being accused again by Hari of attempting to shut down his freedom of speech, we take a look at his latest efforts to smear Israel in an article full of shortcomings: Hari is adept at employing inappropriate or inaccurate

Media Falls for NGO’s "Halo Effect"

Why are an NGO’s allegations against Israel accepted by an unquestioning media?

Journalist’s Abuse Claims Refuted

On July 2, a number of media outlets, including The Independent, reported that an award-winning Palestinian journalist from Gaza had been physically abused by Israeli security at the Jordanian border on his way back from the UK. Writing in The Guardian, polemicist John Pilger went further, retelling Mohammed Omer’s story verbatim while claiming, outrageously and