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Dirty Hari Gets Even Dirtier

The saga of Johan Hari’s plagiarism just gets worse and worse. Even if I wasn’t already disgusted by Hari’s anti-Israel polemics, this latest piece of information, courtesy of Damien Thompson’s blog at the Daily Telegraph, has left me appalled at Hari’s unethical journalism: Hari’s heart-rending account of life in Birao, in the CAR, “appalled” the

Poor Headline of the Day

Take a look at these two headlines from two UK newspapers: The same story but two very different meanings. The first is from the Daily Telegraph and correctly refers to the suspension of Arab-Israeli MK Haneen Zoabi for her participation in last year’s Gaza flotilla when she was a passenger on board the Mavi Marmara.

Raed Salah

Sudan Salivates Over Salah

For some people the truth is just too hard to bear. That Sheikh Raed Salah could be a particularly virulent anti-Semite that the UK government didn’t want spreading hate messages in its country is too simple an explanation. Writing on the Independent’s website, Richard Sudan sees a much more sinister hand at work: The illegal

Are Johann Hari’s “Intellectual Portraits” Plagiarism or Lip-Synch Journalism?

Johann Hari’s accused of plagiarism, which has British bloggers poring over his interviews with a fine-tooth comb. The results so far ain’t good. Brian Whelan, for example,  randomly chose an interview with Gideon Levy. And Whelan found a pattern of thoughts attributed to Levy (but not in quote marks) matching word for word with thoughts Levy expressed