The Globe & Mail’s Capital Offense

Tel Aviv: Not Israel's capital

It annoys the heck out of me when newspapers (in this case, the Globe & Mail) drop Tel Aviv’s name as if it were Israel’s capital city.

Tel Aviv, however, remains deeply wary of the Egyptian president, and the Brotherhood’s true plans.

It’s another example of Big Media underhandedly using Tel Aviv (instead of Jerusalem) as an alternative noun to Israel’s government.

This is a figure of speech known as synecdoche; when applied to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, you get lousy results.

The Canadian paper probably took its cues from the UK’s Press Complaints Commission which erroneously ruled that British papers can say that Tel Aviv is Israel’s capital. The PCC’s  flawed logic would allow foreign journos to declare that the capital of England is Winchester.

Could the Globe & Mail possibly open the door for moving Canada’s capital back to Kingston?

(Image via Flickr/JMR Photography)


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