Time Magazine’s Derogatory Headline

The non-Jewish Norwegian love interest of Israeli PM Netanyahu’s son Yair has piqued the interest of the Israeli press as well as some disapproving politicians. Some less than politically correct language has been used.

But none as politically incorrect as Time Magazine‘s headline:


The word “shiksa” is a derogatory and disparaging Yiddish language term for a non-Jewish girl or woman and would, to many people, be considered offensive.

However, nowhere in the Time Magazine article is there any reference to anyone using that word. Equally, the Jerusalem Post, which is credited with the original story, also contains no reference to the word “shiksa.”

This therefore means that someone at Time Magazine deliberately inserted this derogatory term into the headline, possibly with the intention of attributing it to those Jews who had expressed concerns over Yair Netanyahu’s choice of girlfriend and portraying them as, at best, insensitive and worst, potentially racist.

Send your considered comments to Time Magazine – letters@time.com – and demand that the headline is changed to something less inflammatory.

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