Tom Friedman to Israel: Be More Fayyadistic Than Fayyad

New York Times columnist Tom Friedman frets over Israel and the Arab Spring, and what it all means for the peace process.

His solution?

Israel’s best defense is to strengthen Fayyadism — including giving Palestinian security services more areas of responsibility to increase their legitimacy and make clear that they are not the permanent custodians of Israel’s occupation. This would not only help stabilize Israel’s own backyard . . . but would lay the foundation for a two-state solution and for better relations with the Arab peoples. Remember, those Arab peoples are going to have a lot more say in how they are ruled and with whom they have peace. In that context, Israel will be so much better off if it is seen as strengthening responsible and democratic Palestinian leaders.

I hear that. I really do.

But the Palestinians themselves will inevitably sacrifice Fayyad on the altar of national unity. Fayyad signaled he’ll step aside.

So what’s Israel to do? Be more Fayyadistic than Fayyad?

(Images of Netanyahu via Flickr/IsraelinUSA, Fayyad via Wikimedia Commons/Pmfayyad)