Wall St Journal “Alleges” Terror Took Place

Considering the number of videos taken from the scene of multiple attacks perpetrated by Palestinians against Israelis, the evidence of what is happening is as clear as day. Not, however, for the Wall Street Journal (accessible via Google News).

It begins with headline and sub-header:




The WSJ, at least, changed the headline above after it caused outrage on social media. However, its replacement, below, is only marginally better.




The focus of the headline is on the deaths of and injuries to Palestinian terrorists at the hands of Israeli police, effectively turning them into the victims.

Then there is the sub-header that refers to the attacks as alleged, effectively casting doubt on the Israeli version of events.

In fact, according to the WSJ, where Israeli actions are clearly stated, Palestinian acts of violence are consistently “alleged.”

Israeli police shot and killed two Palestinian teenagers and injured two others in Jerusalem on Monday after the four allegedly attacked Israeli civilians and officers with knives, the latest in a surge of violence that has rattled the country and raised fears of wider conflict. …


Hours later, a 16-year-old Palestinian girl was shot and wounded after she allegedly stabbed a police officer near the police headquarters in the Ammunition Hill section of Jerusalem, police said. …


The third episode took place in East Jerusalem, when two Palestinian teenagers allegedly attacked a man in the street with a knife and a 14-year-old boy riding a bike, critically wounding the boy, police said.

The WSJ then interviews a Palestinian academic and former PA minister while failing to get any commentary from an Israeli source.

And if you weren’t already certain where the sympathies of journalists Tamer El-Ghobashy and Nuha Musleh lie, then the final few paragraphs devoted to criticism of Israeli actions from the notoriously anti-Israel Human Rights Watch organization confirm that the entire article is a one-sided piece of journalism.

Considering the WSJ’s traditionally sympathetic and balanced journalism towards Israel, it’s a nasty surprise that this article got past the editors and into print.


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