Just What Would We Do Without Mahmoud Abbas?

Asharq al-Awsat and Haaretz confirm Abbas has plans to dismantle the PA, and force Israel to reoccupy the West Bank if there’s no breakthrough in peace talks. Asharq writes:

According to this official, the plan has been worked out at the request of president Abbas, and it calls for transferring the health, educational, and tourism affairs to Israel and the process would end with Israel also assuming the security responsibility in the Palestinian territories.

The official said that the idea of dissolving the PA has been presented to the members of Fatah Central Committee and won their support. However, the Palestinian official emphasized that no decision to this effect has thus far been made.

Ironic, isn’t it? Abbas has no control over Gaza. The Palestinian Authority he leads is years overdue for elections. He avoids negotiating with Israel, and perpetually threatens to quit because he thinks that’s a strength.

In short, Abbas and his Palestinian Authority have no popular mandate anyway.

So what exactly are we talking about dissolving?

And how could we get by without Mahmoud Abbas?



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