Le Post Censors “Racist” Danny Ayalon Refugees Video

One French website, Le Post, thinks Danny Ayalon’s latest video about refugees is “potentially racist”.

The website — which is styled after the Huffington Post and affiliated with Le Monde, a prominent French newspaper – removed a post by Europe Israel which featured the video. (That post can also be found at Europe Israel.)

It’s been a long time since anyone on HR’s staff took any French lessons but here’s an unofficial translation of Le Post’s explanation:

After reading and analyzing your article of Dec.10, we decided to take it away from our website as it is not in conformity to the guidelines of lepost.fr. We want to assure you that we are doing everything possible to accept as many articles as possible.

We are analyzing the articles in an neutral and impartial way and regularly verified by a supervisor.

Reason for taking away the article from our website: The argument is potentially racist . . . Every argument that is racist, xenophobe or that could lead to any form of racial . . . hatred are not allowed on our website.

There’s nothing racist about Ayalon’s video, which points out that:

  1. Palestinian refugees fled at the behest of Arab leaders.
  2. Israel has absorbed a similar number of Jewish refugees who fled Arab lands.
  3. The Arab world prefers to use the refugees as political pawns.
  4. Palestinian leaders want to use the so-called “right” of return to undermine Israel.

Here’s the video Le Post thinks is racist. Judge for yourself.