35 Years After Entebbe

The raid on Entebbe has to be Israel’s gutsiest move in its war on terror. The army daringly flew thousands of miles into Africa to rescue Israeli and Jewish hostages held by Palestinian terrorists and assisted by Idi Amin.

Israeli vigilance and a willingness to take risks has taught the Palestinians that the air piracy, suicide bombings, and rocket attacks are failures in the eyes of international public opinion. Now the Palestinians are trying to rebrand their movement as peaceful and nonviolent with a flytilla, intending to create an embarrassing media circus for Israel.

It remains to be seen if the Palestinian movement really is nonviolent, or just presenting a facade. As we learned from recently leaked Syrian documents, Naksa Day protests were orchestrated by Bashar Assad to distract the world from his own domestic uprising. Naksa Day was neither Palestinian nor peaceful.

Entebbe was a big, big event in the fight against terror. This video’s a nice reminder.