4 Thoughts on “The World’s Largest Outdoor Prison”

The Independent breaks out the violins for Gaza.

Locals call it “the world’s biggest prison”, and it’s not difficult to understand why.

Gaza word cloud

Here are a few thoughts on Alistair Dawber’s 3,769 word-count dispatch:

1. Dawber writes, “Of the 1.5 million inhabitants, 1.1 million are refugees.” It would be more accurate to call Gaza the world’s largest refugee camp inside the refugees’ own homeland.

2. Dawber’s observation about Hamastan speaks volumes:

In two and a half days’ working in Gaza, we did not find many women who were willing to speak and be photographed. Where we did, as in the case of the wife of the farmer Saeed Jnead, her engagement with us was only as a result of her husband also being there; at no time did we find a woman who was willing to speak to us independently.

3. Dawber thinks Hamas is basically a social welfare organization that isn’t very effective:

But almost everyone we spoke to in Gaza is tired of the current situation. Hamas came to power not by being militant and intent on the destruction of Israel but by providing social care, hospitals and education to children. It still does provide these much needed services, but the lot of ordinary people has not improved.

4. Gaza fishermen don’t feel any love from Egypt. Whoda thought?

The Egyptians also stop us fishing in their waters, but they are taking fish from our waters too.

When you get right down to it, Gaza’s Islamist overlords remain committed to perpetuating their control of the strip, their division with Fatah, and their agenda to destroy Israel. Dawber’s violin just sounds tinny and broken.

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